Cruising again

In 2002 we left Italy for our first cruising experience on an Amel Super Maramu (Timetama) that ended in New Zealand only two years later. Going cruising again became our dream and since then we have been waiting for the opportunity to leave again.

Timetama in New Zealand

In 2017 we finally had all the conditions to plan our second sabbatical cruising experience: our son finished school, we sold Timetama and I found a good replacement for my role at work.

We immediately started looking for a new boat, a catamaran this time, and in  March 2018 we bought Eidos a Catana 582 built in 2001. She was based in Cape Town and needed an extensive refit.

Eidos before we bought her in V&A marina – Cape Town

The catana 582 is a massive boat compared to the Amel and while it was the cat I always dreamed of, we were also somehow concerned about sailing her just in two.

We spent four months working on Eidos and we only went out for sail trials twice for few hours and only once just we two.

On July 26th we finally decide that Eidos was ready to cruise and tomorrow we will untie the lines from V&A Marina for our first cruising trip on Eidos, a short one for now.

In 2002 I kept a journal of our cruising days as a memory for us and to share with friends and family, I will try to do it again also this time.