Saldanha Yacht club and KraalBaai

It is very nice to be back in the cruising routine.
The day starts early for me. I have a hot tea, check the weather that confirms we can sail back to Cape Town on Tuesday, look for possible anchorages or things to do around us, check the todo list looking for the simplest tasks to schedule for the day. So much better than start the day cleaning 100s of emails from the inbox!
Marcella normally starts her day reading a book and joins me a little later when we decide the plan for the day.

Near Yachtport SA – Panorama

It is another sunny day and we go for breakfast at the yacht club by dinghy that fortunately works very well. When we arrive there is no breakfast, just instant coffee and tea. The club is a very nice and cozy but no proper coffee.

Saldanha Yacht Club

The members of the club are very welcoming and give us useful tips about the area recommending to go to KraalBaai. It is one of the anchorages I selected earlier in the morning, a patch with just 2mt depth to be reached in high tide only (today around 4pm).

Eidos draft is 1.5mt but I have no confidence on how well the depth sounder works, we will have to rely on the map and what they told us.
In the meantime yachts are convening for the Sunday club race. There is no wind and by 11am the race is cancelled. The bar opens and the crews jump directly to real reason for club races, a nice beer, or few more.
At 12:30 we leave to KraalBaai, I want to go through the shallow passage 2-3 hours before high tide. The shallowest part is 1.2 mt, the minimum tide today is 40cm that is already what we need if we keep Eidos in the middle of the channel. We are also to pass halfway the min and max tide that should give us additional 40 cm for safety.
My expectation is that we should always have more than 2mt depth, instead our depth sounder reads 1.6mt that giving us some exciting moments. Especially considering that there is also a current of 2-3 knots
I believe that our depth sounder is not properly calibrated and when we arrive at the anchorage I drop a line with a weight to check the real depth and compare with the instrument. Our depth sounder reads 80 cm less than the reality. Great, now I only need to change the setting.

At KraalBaai there are three other yachts that soon leave and we are again alone for the night. I play with a Samsung 360 camera doing a time lapse of the sunset. We could go ashore but it is so nice onboard that we just have another quite evening.

Few weeks ago we discovered that our windlass was not working properly, it was using almost 200A at 24V even without any load. It took a lot of time to understand that it had been wrongly installed and it was always running with the break on. We changed all the old electric wires (that were causing a big voltage drop), serviced the electric motor and finally connected the control of the break correctly. It is nice to see it working well with our massive new 55 Kg Rocna anchor and an heavy 12 mm chain. We really need it to work, there is no way we can pull up the anchor by hands.

Carmine fixing the Windlass