Back in V&A marina


We are back in V&A Marina and it is a strange feeling. It is like we we have been cruising for much longer than just five days and at the same time as we never left.
In the past five days we learned a lot about Eidos and identified what needs improvements or more practice. We also completed quite few tasks in our todo list and added  new ones:

  • Add control of main winch from the helm
  • Add control of windless from the helm,
  • Consider a chain counter
  • Install a boom preventer for downwind sailing
  • Consider to replace the lazy jack with a lazy bag to simplify the closing of the mainsail
  • Check why the two MPPT/Solar panels appear to provide different power
  • Calibrate depth sounder
  • Go out with some friends to test the spinnaker
  • Investigate more the Pactor for emails

As in any boat the todo list is an endless document, but at least nothing in there that stops us from cruising.
For today we do not work on the boat and spend some time on the computers to organize pictures and thoughts.

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  1. Hi Carmine & Marcella,
    Living the dream! Glad to see your shakedown cruise went well. You’re right there’s always a worklist but yours is very manageable. Regarding doing a trip on Eidoscat we are committed to other projects until Nov2nd. We would have loved to do the trip Ascension I to Cape Verdes but believe we cannot fly into Ascension except by RAF plane!
    US $ has dropped like a stone so not easy for us to buy another cat at the moment. We will keep in touch and love the blog site. So happy for you guys. Geoff & Penny.

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