Walvis Bay to St. Helena

We leave Walvis bay at 7:30am of the 5th of October together with Wairima with light wind from South, less than 2mt waves and 1,300 miles to go, we know from the forecast that it will require many hours of motors.

So many dolphins around us

The passage is very comfortable with not much swell although from the side making the waves bang below the salon and through the hulls.
We find even less wind than forecasted and we had to motor for almost 50% of the time.

We are not very lucky with fishing, we only catch two yellow fin tunas just leaving Namibia, both at the same time on the two lines we usually troll behind Eidos.
We have dolphins accompanying us few times, and once there are hundreds all around Eidos, I never saw so many at the same time.

In this passage we pass the prime meridian and we do it at over ten knots!

We are still improving how to sail on Eidos, having Adam on board in this passage is very nice, he has 10,000+ miles experience crewing different type of boats and we must have been very boring always comparing Eidos setup with other boats. Laura settled in very nicely in her first experience with ocean passages and is soon able to operate plotter, radar, autopilot and other instruments and fully participate to the watches.

We arrive to St. Helena at 2pm of the 12th of October the mooring field reserved to visiting yachts is the best I have ever seen, 16 yellow buoys and 5 red buoys (for larger yachts) all very well maintained and placed in a great place. The entry process is very smooth, after calling “St. Helena radio”, Port Control calls back and assigns a buoy, soon later Port Control and Customs come on board for the paper work. The officials are extremely friendly and professional and provide very useful and detailed information on the island and a map. After the paper work on board we go ashore to sort out the immigration.

There is only another visiting yacht when we arrive, a German boat that has been there for more than three months doing work on the yacht.

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