Visit to Bilbao

Getxo is the best place to stay when you arrive by sea and want to visit to Bilbao. We stop at the Real Club Maritimo del Abra, a small marina very welcoming and not expensive, full of young kids going out with the sail school every day.

After two weeks with friends on board it takes a bit of time to slow down from a festive holiday atmosphere to our normal nomad life. Also we need to clean, make some laundry and provisioning, but more importantly we need to fix our dinghy engine that has been a bit naughty recently, often leaving us rowing or with the very small electric outboard engine that we have as spare for emergency. We also need to buy something at the shipchandler and other stuff so we decide to take out the bikes and visit also the city around us.

To visit Bilbao we decide to take the train in an off-peack time and then walk around the city center and visit the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, that we like a lot.

At the end of our visit we meet Antonello and two other friends… of course we planned it chatting on What’sapp, but still is so strange to meet a close Italian friend in Bilbao after few years we haven’t see each other.

With all the things to do when we stop in a marina plus this relaxed mood makes us decide to extend our stop in Getxo for few more days, we also we need to start planning the route for the next months so we need time to think and re-think!!!

Time to move on…