We are in an emotional mood reaching Gibraltar, it’s just another stopover but we look around trying to recognize something around us.

Are we really sailing into the Med? Are we sure it is what we aimed to do? A mix of feelings of excitement, doubts and thoughts about this crazy last 2 years that passed without being able to make a plan for more than a month!!! I feel more nomad than ever, maybe only because we don’t know where we will be in a year from now…

But where are the Pillars of Hercules? Eidos sails at 6 knots with tide in favor here in the Strait of Gibraltar against a wind of 30 knots, I look at Morocco coastline on my right side (the coast between Tanger and Ceuta) and to Spain on my left side, but no sight of the Pillars! Yet I’m as excited as I was then. After almost twenty years close to the oceans, entering the Med now excites me and makes me think of October 2002 when, sailing in the opposite direction in this strait, I looked curiously at the immense ocean in front of me. So vast and with majestic waves that traveled for thousands of miles, the ocean scared me and I felt very small. Now I already miss those high and gentle ocean waves and I’m looking for the restlessness Mediterranean winds.