About us

Marcella . I’m a creative person and a designer, I’m very curios and I love to live by the sea.


I’m passionate about jewelry design and from it I created “Segni di mare” a contemporary jewelry brand. It means: signs from the sea… the amazing world from where I take inspiration for my projects. I like to experiment with organic shapes, modelling and sculpting wearable objects that can express my love for the sea.
I believe that making what you enjoy to do makes you feel free. I love anything about the sea: sailing, diving, swimming, or just looking at it.
For most of my career I’ve been a Visual Effect Supervisor for TV commercial and I’ve worked in Italy, New Zealand and in Singapore, and now I enjoy travelling, meeting new people and listen to all the incredible stories they share. I have many interests like art, photography, cooking, drawing, reading, listen to music, learning guitar. I love and respect the nature and I suffer a lot to see how polluted are becoming our oceans, I wish I could do something for this.
I’m a reserved and curios person, and I’m still learning every day about my life as sailor, and this is what I enjoy the most.

Carmine. In my professional life I founded and run IT and Media companies. I started businesses in Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, India, China and Indonesia; and I have done business in even more countries across four continents (never in Africa). For more details see LinkedIn profile.


Outside my professional life I have always loved to travel, I had the opportunity to travel to more than 50 countries across all continents and I still have the desire to see more. I enjoy meeting new people with different cultural backgrounds and continuously learn new things.
Both in my businesses and personal life I like to use technology and innovation to simplify things and make life better.
I have many other interests

  • I have been diving for the last 30 years with many more than 500 dives and a Padi Rescue Diver certification
  • I have been Sailing/Cruising for the last 20 years. I have sailed more than 30,000 miles, around the Med, from Italy to New Zealand, extensively around the north of New Zealand and from South Africa to Madeira.
  • I have been running half marathons for almost 10 years, and in the years before moving to Eidos I added few triathlon olympic distance races.
  • I like hiking and bike touring, even if I have not done much of it
  • I like Photography and experiment with videography
  • I like anything to do with maintenance and improvement of my boat
  • I would like to learn kitesurfing
  • I would like to learn Spanish and/or Portuguese before spending some time in South America
  • I like to remain updated about cloud computing, software architecture trends and Mobile Applications development

I see Eidos as the opportunity to keep traveling and meet new people while also work on new projects. It is not being on a long holiday as many may believe, it is a different nomadic life.
My projects since we moved on Eidos, while sailing, running, hiking, etc.
2018: I have been refitting and improving Eidos doing most of the work myself. This included: new electrical systems, new electronic/navigation systems, new solar panels, make 6 winches hydraulic, service all winches, service engines, add a generator, make a watermaker, improve rigging, improve security systems, add communication systems (wifi, 4G, satellite), service windless, design new chart table and much more. Most of all, learn to sail this large cat better and better, this will never end!
2019: I started missing some exposure to coding and started a project to log and analyse our energy consumption and production. I wrote a first version in Python, then Javascript and now moved to Typescript. I also did some tests with OpenPlotter writing few plug-ins for Signalk. The logging server is a RaspberryPi interfaced to NMEA 2000 and 0183 – that required some refreshing of my Linux. My long term repository is S3, using API Gateway and Lambda functions with Cognito as authentication system. Now planning to improve the current solution adding a mobile app and a better UI using React Native.