Untied the lines from Las Palmas marina

This morning Muelle deportivo di Las Palmas was grey and it was raining as we have never seen in Canary Island so far, when we finally untied the lines after almost two months. The second time we arrived to the anchorage our windless broke and could not be repaired. The new one took 4 weeks to be delivered and needed some work to the locker to be installed, it’s now in place and working very nicely.
While waiting for the windlass we decided to work on items waiting in our long todo list, all type of work: service engines and generator, wood & fiberglass work, improve some wiring, reorganize all our stuff with a proper inventory, etc.   Anyway between work and cleaning we also had time to visit this amazing island, meet new friends, have an old friend from Italy for a week and enjoy Las Palmas Carnival parade and the Sardine’s Funeral.
Now back sailing to Fuerteventura looking for some days without boat work!

Las Palmas carnival 2019