Merry Christmas

this last month has just flown away here in Menorca and now it’s already Christmas!!!

The first days after docking we spent time walking around the old city center and exploring the industrial area where are the main ship chandler and hardware stores. As usual when we stop for more than few days, we open our long list of jobs to do. This time Carmine has “treello-ed” the list in: must do, good to do and to do eventually… Still a lot to do, but the list looks nicer like that.

It’s winter but the days are so beautiful and sunny that after few days of dirty hands working hard onboard we decide to explore the island and enjoy some walks. Menorca is really incredible, has a gentle landscape with well preserved green parks and it’s good for walks, biking, swimming, running or just sitting to meditate in front of the little calas and blue sea!

We meet again with René and Babs from Momentum and walk together for different Camí (The Camí de Cavalls is an ancient path of 186 km that encircles the island of Menorca).

Also Maó (Catalan version of Mahon) is rich of surprises, so many little roads and cafe’ and wine bars… it’s definitely a bit expensive and we don’t want to seat indoor, but we cannot stop enjoying all of this. The cafes on the port side have tables just few meters from the water edge, while the one in the historical city, up the hill, have a more artisanal feeling but wherever we go the food is very good.

I’m definitely falling in love with Menorca, what I love the most is the rocky coastline with dense vegetation and many many hidden little calas with sandy beach that make the water of brilliant light blue color merging into green along the rocks.

Well I know it’s Christmas and I can see the decorations, the small market, the santa claus motorbikers… but it is a such unusual time that we don’t really feel it. However it’s a good excuse to keep in touch with many friends around the world and share good laughs.

Happy festive season to all!!!